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     排油管 [pái yóu guǎn添加此单词到默认生词本
    oil exit pipe
    draw-off pipe
    grease drain pipe for gearing

    1. 当泵首次启动时,齿轮的旋转迫使空气离开壳体进入排油管
      When the pump is first started, rotation of gears forces air out the casing and into the discharge pipe.
    2. 在重点分析现场采用的两种连续油管携氮气液工艺方法及特点的基础上,提出了连续油管携氮气液优化设计流程。
      By analyzing two methods of liquid drainage technology widely adopted in the field, we put forward the optimization design process of liquid drainage with nitrogen by coiled tubing in this paper.
    3. 该项工艺省去原机械举升中的油管,利用空心杆作为传动介质和油流通道,下冲程挤压液。
      This technique eliminates the tube in conventional mechanical lifting, takes hollow rod as the transmission medium and oil flow channel and discharges fluid during down stroke.

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